Vision & Mission

CMG Marketing Communications (Pty) Limited t/a CreativeMagic Group is a Pan-African, fully-integrated brand strategy and marketing communications agency. We provide world-class solutions to clients across Africa and with offices in Johannesburg, Lagos, Gaborone and New Delhi.

Our specialty is helping businesses solve marketing and sales related problems; develop greater brand visibility and value; by communicating their complex, simply.

We are not limited by any communication channel; our team, blessed with professionals from both new and traditional media sectors, and therefore is leading the way through innovative strategies and the implementation of integrated online and offline plans, which get results.

We don’t just do magic, we do it creatively.

Our Vision & Mission

At CreativeMagic Group, we believe in creating brand-led business success by understanding what makes your brand valuable and relevant to the people that matter, and delivering consistent brand experiences, communications and presence.

Our ambition is to become Africa’s foremost digitally innovative agency, providing practical digital solutions that work like magic for every brand.

  • To become Africa’s foremost strategic and innovative digital marketing agency.
  • In addition, creating customized brand strategies that put client brands at the forefront of their industry.
  • As well as being known as a gutsy, nimble, digitally innovative, collaborative and fiercely independent team as we navigate an industry dominated by massive agency holding companies.

Big isn’t always better.

Seriously, that’s why we love our job so much.

Since 2008, we have worked on new ways of communication and digital solutions, above all, we’re always seeking to discover something different.

How do we do this? With a mix of creativity, millions of lines of code, and most importantly usability with the objective of giving a different experience.

Our approach is to tackle each project with the same curiosity we had when we were kids, just with a bit more experience, method and precision. In other words, a bit more with every project.

Be curious, stay true, play fair, share everything.

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meet our team

The Talent Behind Our Success

The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job. Knowing each other, building a consistent approach, taking an in-depth look at the scenario. That’s why we like to build a good relationship with ourselves. And for our clients, to understand their needs, work together on innovation,
strategy and brand culture. Above all, to add value through measurable objectives.

Every business constantly needs a fresh perspective to your business challenges and clear insight into all your brand initiatives.

With us you get all that plus deep collective experience in a highly creative and effective package. We breathe life into your brand and make communication as practical as possible.

Others call it Magic; we call it ‘Strategic Thinking’.

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built the confidence and rapport to deliver the most demanding projects but still maintain the level of quality every step of the way.

Our services branch from our diverse experience in the digital sphere to give you the all-round services you would normally get from using multiple platforms and agencies.

We are all about you – your goals, your vision, your mission.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out one fully serviced and re-branded CreativeMagic Group satisfied client.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients from different industries,
sectors/verticals and geographical location. Our experience spans from retail, services, food,
manufacturing, oil & gas, education, tourism, aviation, finance, news and entertainment,
media, tech to corporate and distribution.

    CMG Marketing Communications (Pty) Limited t/a CreativeMagic Group is a Pan-African fully-integrated strategy and marketing communications agency providing world-class solutions to clients across the continent of Africa. We help companies solve marketing and sales problems; develop greater value in brands; communicate the complex, simply.


    South Africa:
    Daisy Street Office Park, 135 Daisy Street, Sandown, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    United States:
    6736 Hwy 6 S, Houston Tx, 77083, United States.

    12 Cornell Road NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


    +27.[0]10.590.6264, +27.[0]719.130.776