Youtube & Corporate Video Production

Youtube and a corporate video is perhaps the most accessible element of any website. A corporate video conveys information quickly and coherently to the audience wherever they are. A corporate video is quickly coming to be what people expect to see on a website. Because the cost of video production has collapsed while the access to market has increased through smart phones and tablets, a corporate video represents perhaps the best ROI in a company’s sales and marketing portfolio.


Recently Completed Corporate Videos

We recently completed the videos below for some of our clients. Our team is able to provide and manage a full service video production service for location or studio shoots. We provide hiring of gear, crew, casting and submission for final broadcast.

Eye-Catching TV Commercials & Video Content Production

We are no longer just a Video Content Production house, instead we have become a complete TV advertising production partner. One that has access to media buyers, planners, creatives and production teams, to talk through your TV advert production needs.

Getting a TV commercial on air allows companies to build trusted brands and to reach more potential buyers than ever before.

We offer a perfect marriage of creative and production agency with in-house production resources allowing us complete control over our output and making the most of your budget. Our team is extremely proactive, handling everything from casting, location, crewing, studio and equipment hire – making sure that our internal and external production supply lines get the very best out of the creative brief and budget available.


Recently Completed TV Commercials & Product Videos

We recently completed the videos below for some of our clients. CreativeMagic Group has a fantastic track record of creating high impact, very cost effective corporate films for brands, charities and organisations for both TV and online. 

Motion Graphics, Broadcast Design & Compositing

CreativeMagic delivers high end motion graphic design services to broadcast and corporate clients. From traditional techniques to state of the art computer generated 3D CGI. Channel branding and idents, titles, credits, TV graphics content, 3D and VR studios. Our creative team and virtual set designers create award winning TV graphics for News and Current Affairs programmes, Elections, Weather Graphics and International Events.

We specialise in television broadcast and film title sequences branding many tv factual, entertainment and documentary series along with all the additional programme graphics such as straps, idents, maps, credits and bumpers to make the maximum viewer impact and get the best from any production. We can offer advice and guidance for your own programme needs – virtual studio design, or bespoke 3D design and animation solutions for real-time graphics systems.

CreativeMagic Group has a strong background in high end visual effects and compositing for commercials and music videos using state of the art technology and all the latest vfx techniques to get the most from your shots. We model, texture, light and animate full cgi sequences for tv drama, film and advertising projects.

We tackle complex VFX shots using techniques such as fluid dynamics & cloth simulation which can be composited onto green screen footage or background plates.


Recently Completed Motion Graphics

Regardless of the size of your TV commercial production, we will assign a dedicated producer right from the start to work with you and your team to ensure you get a TV ad which acts an effective marketing campaign. We recently completed the videos below for some of our clients.  

Video Editing

Putting all the pieces together, so your video works its best. From the big to the small, all videos need to be edited together to get the best out of your footage. So if you’ve shot a short, but don’t know just quite how to pull it all together, or have footage that you want to convert into a film but have no idea how, then worry not. Our ground breaking video editing team thrive on piecing together your projects.

Even when you’re editing the simplest corporate video footage, it’s all about understanding the narrative. You need to have a firm grasp of the story you want to tell, and piecing it together in the right way is of paramount importance to the finished product. Our editors don’t just make sure everything’s in the right order though, they’re master storytellers and know how to pace your video so that the viewers are hanging on your every word. Our editors are well versed in the technical arts of Avid and After Effects, Blender and Final Cut. They spend their days in the darkened edit suite, surfacing every now and then for a bite to eat before diving back into their work. Their eagle eyes see in double time and they know just when to cut – they have a sixth sense for scene transition and they know how to get the most emotion from your motion picture. It’s a true talent.

Whether you want to upload your film to one of the many popular video hosting sites, ready it for broadcast, film screenings, or whatever else you may have in mind, our editors will make sure that your sound quality is in tune, the compression is on point and any additions such as closed captioning, title sequences or credits are checked through and ready to roll.

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