Save Time

Well developed Chatbots are available 24 hours a day and can provide fast, automated answers to most questions and at the same time helping customers to resolve queries more efficiently thereby improving customer service and experience.

Save Money

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot use can be a lot more cheaper than hiring more workers. They deliver value to customers, while at the same time optimizing cost, flexibility and much greater ROI.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots use machine learning, which allows them to become smarter and respond to users more effectively.

Increase Customer Base

Chatbots may help you reach more people which can increase your customer base. Since chatbots can be used in many applications you can take advantage of that to help your business grow.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software that can converse with humans via a live chat interface. That can happen on a brand’s website or app, or through platforms like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Alexa. Simple chatbots scan the keywords in a customer’s inquiry to deliver pre-packaged answers, while more sophisticated chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can use natural language processing to create responses and conversations that are more complex.

Each Chatbot development is tailor-made for the bot to be a digital surrogate for your own customer service staff.


Botho University’s Education ChatBot Lera 1.0

The design and development of Lera 1.0 is a significant step in the Botho University’s quest to deploy a user-friendly and state-of-the-art technology for the African student market. It is a highly responsive technological interface, aptly matching the demands of the continent’s expectations.

Technology is rapidly evolving and Botho University need to keep up with trends. Lera 1.0 was designed and developed by CreativeMagic Group to significantly increase student enrolment.

One of the primary aims of the chatbot is to efficiently manage high volumes of inquiries that the University receives daily.

That is what our Chatbot development service did for this brand, don’t get left out. You can improve your customer service with your very own bot to keep your consumers serviced!


Tailor Made AI Solutions Across Various Industries

Our Chatbot development service provides bots for the web, mobile and all the major messaging platforms including Facebook MessengerSlack and voice interfaces such as Amazon Alexa. We provide a full chatbot co-creation service, working with you to develop a concept, design and test the product in an iterative process with real users. We can help you automate and grow your business using the latest technologies and deploying solutions that work like magic!


ChatBot For Hotel Reservation

Chatbots can help hotels in a number of areas, including time management, guest services and cost reduction. They can assist guests with elementary questions and requests. Thus, freeing up hotel staff to devote more of their time and attention to time-sensitive, critical, and complicated tasks.


ChatBot For Flight Booking

Bots can handle general enquiries about airline bookings, help customers make travel plans, schedule airline reservations, executes check-in, check-out, payments and service procedures, gives suggestions about accommodations and car rentals for travellers. Bots can also be programmed to speak to guests in different languages.


ChatBot For Transactions

Chatbots can be programmed to assists the customers as Financial Advisor, Expense Saving Bot, Banking Bots, Tax bots, etc. Users can accomplish things like checking balances, transferring money to friends, viewing a history of recent transactions or locating the nearest ATM. Bots reduce costs as well as human errors.


Personal Chatbot Stylists

From Data Analytics to Fashion Chatbot as your personal stylists, customers can be treated personally with bots, which can exchange messages, give required suggestions and information.


ChatBot For Sales & Retargeting

Bots provide a key channel through which brands can grow their e-commerce presence. The most effective bot experiences for retail fuse marketing, customer service and sales with an AI engine that can optimize the user experience depending on which function the user needs and the user’s past behavior and purchase history.


ChatBot For Live Events

Bots can facilitate buying tickets and access key information. Events-Bots can give attendees information about the nearest parking, schedules and programs, floorplans, or even the wifi password. Organizers can broadcast messages to attendees in real time via Events-Bots should there be an unexpected change to the schedule or an important update.


ChatBots as Your Doctors

With Health-Bots, users can ask health related questions and receive immediate responses especially in situations where an actual Doctor is not needed.

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