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A Zimbabwean born journalist and public relations consultant who, for the past 10 years, has been a resident of South Africa. He writes on arts, entertainment, media, lifestyle, aviation, travel and tourism. Martin is a PR Manager and blog writer for CreativeMagic Group.

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Take Your Brand to the Next Level with Programmatic Advertising

You could be that person spinning their head trying to understand what programmatic marketing is all about. CreativeMagic is there to simplify it for you. It’s the leveraging of software in media buying and since its introduction, targeting advertising to the preferred audiences has never been easier than before! 

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Here Is Why Your Brand Needs A Good Web Portal

Very often organizations are unsure of how best to get the best web portals, though they may have the brief on what the job is about.  Creative Magic Group builds easy-to-use and highly functional portals and has its forte and proficiency in portal design and development for every business seeking to go the e-commerce route. 

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Take your brand to the next level with Social Media Augmented Reality

More & more businesses are discovering the power of Augmented Reality to take their Social Media Marketing to the next level and maximize consumer or market connectivity and growth opportunities. This multi-dimensional technology can now be used to enhance the appearance of various products and services and the social media space now looks hugely attractive […]

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Trends that will drive influencer marketing post- Covid19

The new normal has seen the rise of influencer marketing, and as the marketing environment keeps changing so are marketing tactics that keep unfolding much to the growth of brands and smiles of marketers. Branding experts predict that the post-Covid 19 period, will see three major trends driving influencer marketing. In their anticipations, businesses seeking […]

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Understanding the two PR arts of Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

You can call them the Siamese twins of the marketing communications world but whatever name you have for them, Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Graphic Design (GD), should not be taken as the same or identical. Both have since evolved from the 80’s and 90’s era of desktop computer to software enhanced design and via other […]

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CreativeMagic helps small businesses bounce back from COVID19 crisis

In recognition that sales operations for many businesses have been hit hard in the first half of 2020 by the COVID19 pandemic, CreativeMagic is offering Sales and Re-Marketing consultation services FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of the year to all small to medium businesses across South Africa (and even beyond our borders). CMG Marketing […]

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Reach the widest audience the good ol’ fashioned way with Above-The-Line-Advertising

When it comes to advertising, it is said that ‘experience is golden’ and this is why you never want to forget to use good ol’ traditional tactics such as Above The Line Advertising (ATL) Digital is all around us and we need digital strategies to stay relevant, however  in order to have more solid campaigns, […]

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