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An experienced Journalist cum Digital Marketer who has worked in Media and Marketing in various Southern African countries for close to 15 years. An avid reader, she is passionate about fostering a reading and academic culture especially in young Africans. She enjoys travelling, meeting people from a broad cultural spectrum as well as engaging people in topics that are informative, entertaining and insightful. Grace is currently a Project Director and Creative Content Writer for CreativeMagic Group.

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The How’s and Why’s of having a more Mobile Responsive Website

Developing a company website is smart business in these digital times, but making sure the website is Mobile Responsive is even SMARTER! Some of the reasons WHY you need one may surprise you. Let’s start with the basics, if we were to make a daily log of how many times you check your mobile device […]

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Big Data knows BETTER-a content marketing strategy to save your business

The 2020-2030 decade has started off on a rather shaky note, with this new global COVID 19 pandemic leaving the world, businesses in particular, in murky waters and in need of a foolproof content marketing strategy to save them from closure. Lucky for us, this crisis could not have come at a better time. The […]

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Transform how you chat with customers with a ‘bot’ developed just for you

“Human resources are the most valuable assets” Eleanor Roosevelt This famed quote from the well renowned female business icon and former US First Lady has been echoed by business people throughout time to reflect just how valuable employees are to a business. This is particularly true when it comes to customer service and care. As they […]

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Look beyond COVID19 by staying positive & productive the I4R way

Over the course of just weeks, the entire world has awoken to the fact that we are way more connected than we think, albeit separated by physical geographic boundaries. The notion that the world is one big global village has never been more evident than it is now. In these first few months of 2020, […]

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