Augmented Reality Is Changing The World Of Consumer Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the biggest digital trends that have hit the social media sphere. This is because it places digital information on top of real life imagery. In simple terms, a user simply points their camera at a real life target, and digital imagery is overlaid onto the image.

The versatility of Augmented Reality means that any object can be super-imposed into a users view to give them a glimpse into how that object actually looks/works. So think of it as delivering a advertising strategy in real time. Customers and clients get to experience your product or service as it is meant to be used.

If you need a cost effective, experienced Social Media Augmented Reality Partner to produce your own effects and augmented reality assets, you are in the right place.


Augmented Reality For Businesses In Africa

Augmented Reality (AR) marketing takes the reins from virtual reality platforms to create a new, interactive consumer experience. It is so popular right now, its growth is expected to reach $117.4 billion by 2022 and businesses across the continent of Africa are also grabbing the endless possibilities this technology offers.

Augmented reality applications are revolutionising how companies operate, train, create and sell their products and services. Businesses of tomorrow are benefitting from Augmented Reality today.

Let Your Customers Try It Before They Buy It

Potential customers have always wanted to try products prior to purchasing them. Fitting rooms, cosmetic samples, automobile test drives and many other related concepts testify to the effectiveness of this sales strategy. Augmented shopping experiences are one of the rising trends in the retail industry.

Using Augmented Reality, prospective customers are able to model and try on makeup, clothing items, and a wide range of home-related products without needing to directly interact with them. AR negates the need for a large physical inventory in order to allow customers to try on or sample dozens or even hundreds of items in search of the one that best meets their needs.


Our Augmented Reality Specialities.

We develop custom-made Augmented Reality solutions, tailored specifically for our clients’ business needs. Our augmented reality apps enhance business operations across a range of sectors, from retail and automotive to construction and education. Our friendly designers and clever tech geeks are with you every step of the way to help you conceive, design and build an effective Augmented Reality campaign.

Augmented Reality Advertising

Take your advertising beyond reality with an enhanced Augmented Reality experience. Augmented Reality allows you to link your audience directly from your advert to your point of sale. It’s your route to connect with your audience wherever they are.

Product Demos & Visualisation

Product visualisation is try before you buy for the digital age – a way to put your goods (virtually) into your customer’s hands. We will deliver a high-quality product visualisation app that showcases your products in an innovative, immersive and interactive way.

Augmented Reality Events

Augmented Reality can bring anything to life, from your product to your exhibition stand, and keep your audience totally engaged. If you want to transform the way that people experience your products and services then an Augmented Reality event is the solution for you.

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